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January 19, 2012
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now with dynamic backgrounds and more options to customize your dream warrior cat :D

save yours and upload, please credit me (and show me!) and spread the word of this game.

it won't start?:
refresh the page, or right-click on the game screen, hit play. if not it may be something with your flash player or browser (i run it on google chrome 7).

how to save?:
screenshot and save, there is no save feature on here.
to do that, look under the background buttons on the game to see how for macs and windows.

i have an idea! where can i tell you?:
i'd prefer notes, but you can comment here and i'll see it.

there's something wrong with ______.:
note me or comment and describe whats wrong, i'll fix it.
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diamondminers306 Featured By Owner 22 hours ago  New member Student Photographer


rank: deputy  

kits:ravenkit shadowkit and sharkit  

look:black and white pelt and green eyes  



mother: stoneclaw (died in a battle with thunderclan) 

father:bloodclaw  (became insane and was killed by skunkpelt) 

mate:Hollyleaf (died)  

bramblestar12334 Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago  New member Student Digital Artist
clan: waveclan
rank: queen
mother: mistynight-smoky black she-cat with light blue eyes (dead, killed by a monster racing across the thunderpath)
father: snowstorm- white tom with yellow eyes and a silver paw (dead, killed in a battle with echoclan: she-cat called nightstar)
sister(s): spiritsong-white she-cat with silver underbelly, paws, chest and stripes dark blue eyes (medcat)-ehcoflight-light grey she-cat with black stripes and yellow eyes(dead, killed also in battle with echoclan: flameline a tom
brother(s): stormstar-dark grey tom with black streaks and pale yellow eyes
mate: robintuft- brown tom with white paws and underbelly with a reddish chest amber eyes
kit(s): winterkit/winterpaw/winterstreak-white she-kit with a reddish line down face ice blue eyes-sparrowkit/sparrowpaw/sparrowfoot- golden brown tom with white stripes and yellow eyes-redkit/redpaw/redtrail-white tom with reddish paws and yellow eyes
appearance: white she-cat with black paws, streak down back, eartips and muzzle ice blue eyes
bio: nice, caring, kind, sharing, loving and observant
theme song: slipped away avril lavigne
death theme song: goodbye avril lavigne
story:                  frozenpaw stared in horror as her mother stood, eyes wide while a small monster was hurtling toward her, ''mom! watch ou-'' she heard her mother screech and fall silent. frozenpaw raced toward her mother and crouched at her side, ''mother?'' he whispered, her hope rose a small bit when she saw her mother's flank rise and fall slowly, ''mom! it's me, frozenpaw!'' mistynight opened one eye and smiled, ''hello... and, goodbye..'' her eye closed and she shuddered, dead.                 frozenfrost, a newly made warrior padded with snowstorm, echoflight and stormstar, ''who s already there, again, stormstar?'' asked snowstorm, ''owlheart, hawkflight, bluepaw, pebblepaw and snakeflame.'' her brother ansewered. a battle cry was heard from within the darkness, ''that was snakeflame!'' echolight wailed, snakeflame was her sister's mate, ''i hope he's alright..'' she suddenly broke into a run when she saw her mate laying on the floor, but when she got there he was already his paws, ''im fine'' frozenfrost heard him say. robintuft, frozenfrost's crush was pinned to the ground by eaglesoar, a pure white she-cat with a brown tail and legs, she yowled the loudest over every cat in the clearing and charged at the she-cat, as she got closer, she looked at the floor and hit fur, she heard eaglesoar snarl in surprise and feel claws sliding through her ear, she flailed her claws blindly and caught her oppents fur, she ripped down and felt blood leaking through onto her claws, she looked up to see eaglesoar's throat bloody and her eyes wide with pain and she bolted away. robintuft sat up and purred, ''why, thank you, frozenfrost... any reason to save me?'' she looked at her paws, ''well, i like you.'' frozenfrost heard her father's wail in the distance and bolted away from her love, claws gripping the ground, charging at the cat who was attacking her father, her heart sunk when she saw nightstar battling with him, claws unsheathed with yellow eyes blazing with fury. She turned her head to see echoflight hurtling toward nightstar with claws usnheathed and teeth bared, she hurried back into a run and wipped around, kicking nightstar's cheek and knocking her off onto the floor. Snowstorm still lay on the floor, but she knew he would be ok, he was the strongest in the clan, echoflight was already ontop of the echoclan leader, yowling in her ear, ''you stupid, mousebrained, foxhearted beast!'' and swiped her claws down her hind leg, making nightstar wail, nightstar was fast, though, she flipped onto her back and kicked her sister's throat, knocking the wind out of her and throwing her to the ground. Frozenfrost narrowed her eyes and unsheathed her claws, ''touch her again and-'' she started a vow but nightstar had already swiped her metal claws across her sister's throat, ''NO!'' she wailed and surprisingly chased nightstar away by her loud wail and her size from her puffed out fur. she raced to her sister's side and nudged her, no reaction. ''no... please...?'' she wheezed, her sister was dead. she backed away form the dead body and ran to her father's side and prodded him in the side with her paw, ''dad? it's ok... no need to-'' she gasped when she saw her dad's eyes open but there were glazed and lifless, ''no! not you to!'' she wailed.
death story:                frozenfrost wailed as her first litter was arriving, ''it hurts!'' robintuft sat by her side and pressed his paw to hers, ''it will be ok, sweetie, right.... spiritsong?'' spiritsong looked at her mate with fear in her eyes, ''im not sure- ones coming!'' she said. Robintuft placed the stick at her paws, ''no, dont touch!'' she growled and a spasm went through her body as a white kit popped out, ''a she-kit!'' her sister yowled, frozenfrost wailed again when blood poured out and a long spasm shot through her and she closed her eyes, screeching in pain. ''here it comes!'' said the medicine cat, another kit popped out, this time a golden brown one, ''a tom..'' robintuft purred. Frozenfrost struggled for the last kit, she wailed and yowled but the kit didnt come out easy, ''oww!'' she snarled as robintuft and spiritsong helped her push by placing there paw on her stomach. a pool of blood was around the three cats, as the last kit came into the world. spiritsong gasped, ''Oh, no... she has lost way to much blood!'' she had her head on her paws with eyes staring at nothing, ''no, she can't die! she just can't!'' frozenfrost rasped, ''before.... i-i go... tell m-me there n-names...'' robintuft looked at his new three kits and pressed his nose to the white she-kit's belly and she turned her head to show a reddish line down face, it squealed with complaint, ''this is winterkit.'' he moved his nose toward the golden brown tom with white stripes and mewed, ''sparrowkit...'' a tear rolled down his face when he moved to the last one, ''and... redkit...'' frozenfrost was lapping the kit's head and she forced a purr, ''great names... they fit them perfectly... they will remember me... and so will you... and, i shall never forget you, robintuft... all of my family, i wish you luck..'' she placed her head on the moss and sighed, her eyes closed and she stopped purring, ''goodbye, my love..'' robintuft wailed, ''starclan shall honer you, sister...'' stormstar stepped in and gasped when he saw his sister dead, ''frozenfrost! did she have her kits? can i see them? whats there names?!'' robintuft growled calmly, ''come here, stormstar, stop with the questions.'' stormstar padded toward his deputy and smiled warmly when he saw his neice and nefues, he purred,'' can i have there names?'' ''yes, the white she-kit with the red streak down her face and winterkit. And the golden tom with the white stripes is sparrowkit. and....'' he closed his eyes, ''whats wrong?'' stormstar looked at the white kit with red paws, ''whats wrong with this one?'' ''oh. nothing, it's just... this tom, redkit, is the last kit she had, although he is the largest.'' stormstar licked the toms head and it battered his nose, ''well, we know whos going to be a great warrior when he grows up!'' he purred.
xRandomKittyArtistx Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago  New member Student Artist
Name: Moonstar (A light-gray she-cat with white spots and gray eyes)
Personality: Nice,brave,protecting
Clan: Lunarclan
Rank: Leader
Father: Lightpelt (A white cat with one grey paw, and his eyes are light-black)
Mother:Solarfeather (A ginger-she cat with yellow stripes and paws. Her eye color is light-blue)
Sister: Windstone (Dead) (A light-gray cat with grey and white spots/stripes. Her eye color is silver)
Half-sister: Stonelight (A white silver-striped she-cat with silver eyes and a silver paw.)
Brother(s): Blackpelt (A black, light-striped tom with gray eyes), Darkpaw (A black cat with gray spots and a gray eyespot around his left eye. He has gray paws. His eyes are blue)
HeadMice Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago  New member Student Artist
Maplebreeze, a Beautiful shining brown she-cat with 2 white stripes on its back and a little tip of white on its tail, has a arm full of white and the rest of the paws are just a little white.
Personality:Friendly, kind, Great warrior/hunter.
Rank: Warrior
Father: Darkshine
Mother: Rosepetal
Sister: Foxpelt
Mate: None
Kits: None 
Clan: Thunderclan
(dis cat ish based on me XD.)
bramblestar12334 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 24, 2014  New member Student Digital Artist
clan: savageclan (like bloodclan so, doesn't have clan names)
rank: deputy
mother: broken-black she-cat with lighter stripes. unusual dark red eyes.  (dead)
father: magma-redish tom with lighter splotches. dark navy blue eyes. dark red collar with dog teeth. (leader)
sister(s): night-black she-cat with with lighter stripes. light blue eyes.-shade-grey she-cat with darker splotches. ocean blue eyes..(dead)
brother(s): lava- light redish tom with darker stripes. unusual  red eyes. light red collar with dog teeth.
mate: sunset-golden she-cat with yellow eyes
kit(s): sunrise- gold-red she-cat with golden flecks pale yellow eyes-blair-black tom with dark red underbelly, paws and muzzle pale gold stripes one pale red eye and one bright yellow
appearance: dark redish tom with black stripes. bright red eyes. scar on flank and right cheek. red collar with dog teeth.
bio: careless, rude, sharing and boastful deputy
theme song: animal i have become three days grace
death story:          blood stared in horror as the large she-cat pinned his kit, blair down. he yowled, knocking her off, the black and white she-cat turned on him and slashed her claws at his face, he ducked, her claws only hit his ears. he growled and leaped up, catching her chest, he pinned her by the throat. she yowled and kicked her hind legs blindly, hitting his underbelly, he got flung off and hit the ground hard. he wailed and tried to stagger up, but the she-cat raked her claws upward from his hindleg to his shoulder, he fell back down, a pool of blood slowly formed around him. she looked at blair staring in terror and he finally burst into rage, leaping onto the she-cat ontop of his father, he raked his claws across her shoulder but she threw him off, he stayed off and stared in horror. blood shook his head and slowly closed his eyes, the she-cat limped away, blair ran up to his dad and wailed, ''i'm sorry father! can you ever forgive me?'' blood opened his eyes again and maneged to rasp, ''how can i not? it was brave for you to even attack her-'' he coughed and wheezed, ''dad? blood! please stay here... i need you.'' he pressed his nose into his father's flank and took him by the scruff, he padded slowly toward camp. he burst threw the rock wall opening, tears streaming down his face, he dropped his father in the clearing and wailed when he saw his mother racing forward to him, ''what has happened?! is he alright?'' blair braced himself, ''i'm sorry, mom... he's dead...'' ''what? no! he can't be!'' she burst into tears and dove her nose into his flank. night ran and sunrise appeared and wailed, ''no!'' ''dad!'' magma padded out and broke into a run when she saw the limp body of his son, ''my son! what happened?!'' blair looked up at his leader and meowed, ''a black and white she-cat killed him.'' broken's eyes narrowed, ''thats my sister! her name is shark and she is a loner,'' magma sighed and lept onto the tallrock, ''may all cats old enough to fight, gather under the tallrock for a clan meeting!'' cats surrounded the rock and looked up at there leader, ''i am sorry to inform you of this but, blood, the deputy is now dead...'' wails, wheezes, murmurs and yowls came form the group, ''and i shall now tell you the new deputy of savageclan, blair will be the deputy!'' blair's eyes widend and he leaped up, ''i shall serve my clan as best as i can, magma!'' ''we will all greive for our loss in such a great deputy, and in return... we have just earned another!'' magma meowed loudly and yowls of agreement rippled through the clan.
Darksong13 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  New member Student Artist
Clan: FlashClan
Rank: Deputy
Mate: none
Appearence: a battle scared ginger she-cat with pale blue eyes
Siblings: none
Kits: none
Apprentice: Cloverpaw
Death story: Gingerfur was laying in the grass with her flank slowly rising and falling as her appretice said, " Gingerfur you didn't have to save me from Tigerheart." and Gingerfur replied " Yes I did,Cloverpaw. He is bloodthirsty and he can kill you with one swift bite."
and she added " Do not let him become leader and try your hardest to make Waterstar dive him out of the forest. And this is not the last time we speak. See you in StarClan Cloverpaw." and she let out her last breath as Cloverpaw yowled "NO GINGERFUR NO!!"

bramblestar12334 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  New member Student Digital Artist
lol i can see you took the idea 'you didn't have to save me from'' and flank slowly rising and falling... it's ok tho :3
Darksong13 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  New member Student Artist
I know sorry it was just a good idea:) (Smile) 
bramblestar12334 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  New member Student Digital Artist
it's ok, im just glad that someone liked my idea :)
Darksong13 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  New member Student Artist
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