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January 19, 2012
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now with dynamic backgrounds and more options to customize your dream warrior cat :D

save yours and upload, please credit me (and show me!) and spread the word of this game.

it won't start?:
refresh the page, or right-click on the game screen, hit play. if not it may be something with your flash player or browser (i run it on google chrome 7).

how to save?:
screenshot and save, there is no save feature on here.
to do that, look under the background buttons on the game to see how for macs and windows.

i have an idea! where can i tell you?:
i'd prefer notes, but you can comment here and i'll see it.

there's something wrong with ______.:
note me or comment and describe whats wrong, i'll fix it.
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diamondminers306 Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  New member Student Photographer
portalclaws   (can turn into masky)

rank: med-cat

siblings: Shadowstar ( older brother)  Firekit (younger brother)     

friends:Sanity (can turn into slenderman)  clovereyes (can turn into hoodie)   flamepelt (can turn into ticcitoby)  greenclaws (Can turn into BEN drowned)  
whiteblood (can turn into laughingjack or lj)    Demonflare (can turn into zalgo)bluepelt (can turn into eyeless jack) & Thunderbolt (can turn into jeff)  

enemies: scourge & watereyes  (Wants a death wish to them SOO bad Anger)  

theme song:Animal i have become (three days grace)  



look: One green eye one brown    brown pelt always wears hoodie and  a mask  

Slogan: Dont Forget to die  

other cats's reactions: HOLY SHIT WHO IS THAT? *Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (...I Wuv It!) 

only fail: trying to jump to a rock while on a window sill,   Cat fail jump 
TottleTheRunt Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Student Artist
Clan: *No clan* Rouge
Rank: Hunter
Gender: Male
Mate: Screech
Son: Ditch
Daughter: Maik
Mother: Rose (Kittypet)
Father: Fleas 

Finish Rest later to bored :I
sophia2005 Featured By Owner 22 hours ago  New member
Clan: survival\star
Rank: deputy
Mother: ladybug (she-cat in the abandoned twolegnest)
Father: cloudclaw
Mate: skullshell
Kits: iceblaze, mintglare, ambergaze, zeabrastripe, and stoneflower
Looks: when half of: gray Tom with black paws, chest\stomach, ears, and with green eyes
Death: glass a abandoned  twolegnest fell on him while in earthquake was happening
Snakepool Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Wanna see the derpiest thing ever? Once you're on the creator thing, right click and click back. Then click forward... O_O
DappleHusky Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member Student Digital Artist

I'm using this to make a clan :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
TottleTheRunt Featured By Owner Edited 20 hours ago  Student Artist
Clan: Windclan
Rank: Warrior *Wants To Become a Leader Someday* 
Gender: Female
Pelt Color: Plesent Wonderful Beautiful Pelt: Greyish, Lightish White, Perfect Large Spots, Light Blue Eyes, *Half Blind*,  And Black Tipped Paws and Feet.
Mother: (Wonderful Mother) StripedTail, Stripes, Yellow Light Eyes, Grey Fur, White Tipped Feat with Black, Black Tipped Front Paw, and White Circle Eyes.
Father: (Strong Wise Deputy) WhipClaw White Pelt, Striped and Dotted back, Paws black Eyes blue, and Dots like a cheetah on tail.
Uncle: (Elder) RayStar, Peach Fur, White Tipped Paws, Nose Tip White, Ears White, Spots Orange, Eyes Light Blue, and Small Dots on Pelt.
Brother: (Annoying, Playful kit) MlecheKit, Peach Pelt, Light Red Eyes, Black Ears, Black and White Tipped Paws, White Stripped Tail, and a White Nose.
Brother: (Annoying Fun Apprentice) LeeshClaw, White Pelt, Yellow eyes, Black back, Black Tail, Black tipped paws, And Black Belly.
Sister: (Weird Fun Kit) Prickkit, White kit, Black ears, Black Tipped paws, Orange eyes, and Black Belly.
Eld Grandpa: (Elder) BristlePelt, Grey Pelt, White ears, black spots (Like a Cheetah), White and black tipped FRONT paws, and White an Yellow Eyes.
Eld Grandma: (Elder) MarkLeaf, White pelt, Black tail with Orange, Black back, raccoon mask, one tipped FRONT Paw Red eyes, and Orange chest.
Aunt: (Our Beloved Auntie R.I.P Clan Starclan killed by SkreechEye) Black Pelt with White and Orange Eyes, and Tipped Black Paws With Raccoon Mask.
SpleedPaw's Mate: YouthClaw: A Black Tom with Blue eyes, White and Really Dark Ears, White tail, Stripes on back, and Tipped White Paws.
SpleedPaws Daughter: (Cute Gentle kit) LaikaKit, Black kit with Orange and White (BORN WITH RARE WHITE EYES!) *Not Blind* Has a White tail, White head, White ears.
Close Friend: (Cute, Wonderful, Friend!) LaikMightPelt Brown Pelt, Black Stripes, White Ears, White Tail, Black Tipped Paws, and Light blue eyes.
Close Friend: (Awesome, Funny, Friend!) MerchClaw, Brown Tom with White and Black Dots, With White Tail and Black Ears. 
Close Friend: (Awesome Ridiculous Funny Friend!) Ashfur :') Grey pelt, white and black small dots, and blue eyes.
Enimie: (So Annoying) Scourge Black Pelted Tom with a Purple Spiked Collar with a white paw and Blue eyes.
Enime: (So Annoying) BleechTail: White Tom With Black Eyes and a black paw with a black tail.
Enime: (So Annoying) PreleEye: Redish Blackish She cat with black stripes and Red and White eyes *She is blind*
Loves: Likes to Hunt, and Hang out with Family.
Hates: To fight other cats in war and arguing with brothers.
Likes: To Hunt Mice and Rabbits for Family and Clan.
Theme Song:…
almisty1223 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
OMG i have so much Oc"s o3oWiggle Wiggle Dance Icon Velsea Dance Animation 
almisty1223 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Clan: ThistleClan\ MountainClan 
Rank: Medicine cat
Mother: FallenWing (White she cat with black stripes and Blue eyes) (deceased) 
Father: StealStar (Gray tom with white stripes and Dark green eyes) (deceased)
Brothers: Blueberry (Blueish grayish tom and blue eyes Kittypet) OctoberLeaf (Orange tom with dark orange splotchs)
Sisters: LionLily (Golden she cat with white splotchs and blue eyes) WinterHeart (White she cat with light gray splotchs)
Mate: BreezeTail (Black tom with white splotches and blue eyes Forbiden love o3o)
Daughters: Heartpaw (Pinkish brownish she cat with green eyes) LizardLily (Greenish brownish she cat with white splotches and Amber eyes)
Sons: StumpPaw (brown tom with blue eyes) Frozeneye (White tom with a blue eye and the other White)
Adopted mother: RubyTail (red she cat with blue eyes) 
Adopted father: PineStar (brown tom with black splotches and white stripes and Green eyes)
Kin: TinyLily (white she cat with blue splotches) MothTail (brown tom with blue eyes) Firepaw (Ginger tom with brown stripes)
appearance: White she cat with black splotchs and stripes)
Gender: she cat
Friends: TigerScar (brown tom with white stripes and green eyes) BlueHeart (Blueish grayish she cat with blue eyes) AngelLily (white she cat with cream splotches) RoseStem (pinkish brownish she cat with green eyes)
Enemies: HawkClaw (brown she cat with green blind eyes) VenomWhisker (Golden tom with white streaks on back)
personality: A bit rude and gentle
Best friends: SquirrelLeap ( Black she  cat with very fluffy tail and golden eyes) ScarletWhisker (Red she cat with dark blue eyes) SilkFur (White she cat with blue eyes)
Great enemies: GoldFang (Golden tom with brown speckles and red eyes) SnakeTail (Red she cat with long tail and green eyes) DracoClaw (Black tom with gray streaks and blue eyes)
Loves: Gatherings Herbs healing and her clanmates
Hates: Dark forrest rude cats and Horses
Theme song: Do or Die 30 seconds to mars
Favorite prey: Fish
Moons: 13 moons 
sophia2005 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New member
Eagleheart (nana wanted me to)
Clan: survival
Rank: warrior
Mother: scarletheart
Father: hawkheart
Mate: windfeather
Kits: scorchpath, fluffyfeather and angelfeather
Brothers: darkheart, billyheart, lightheart (died from greencough sickness) fernheart,
Sisters: cloudheart, banditheart, skyheart, lostheart
Looks: white she-cat with blue eyes and a gray stripe on back
almisty1223 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
clan: WiddowClan
Rank: Leader
Mother: BrightLily (deceased)
Father: MortalScar (deceased)
Sisters: SpiderTail( Black she cat with blue eyes and golden stripes) MothPelt (golden she cat with black speckles)
brother: SpikeClaw (Giant black tom with orange eyes and golden stripes and has long claws)
Mate: TabbyStripe (Brown tabby tom with green eyes)
Daughter: VioletLily (brown she cat with white stripes) MelonTail (Pinkish grayish she cat with violet eyes)
Sons: SkyClaw (white tom with brown splotch's and amber eyes) AmberScar (Brown tom with white stripes and green eyes)
Adopted Daughter: PineappleEye ( Cream she cat with one yellow eye and the other green)
Adopted son: MonsterTail (black tom with silver ginger and golden on tail)
Kin: MapleTail (Calico tom with brown eyes) FlowerPetal (Brownish Silverish she cat with blue eyes) SilverEye (Silver she cat with on silver eye and the other blue)
Appearance:  Golden with black unusual spots and green eyes
Gender: she cat
Friends: BirdSong ( she cat light brown tortoiseshell with cream eyes) WhiteTail (black Tom with white tail) WildEye (Ginger  tom with 2 Pink eyes (not fart pink eye just natural colour XD) DawnSong (Beautiful black tortoiseshell she cat with blue )
Enemies: PepperFang (Red Tom with Blue eyes) SkullSpirit (White she cat that looks like she has a skull on her face) ^3^
Loves: Gathering's Clan meeting's her mate o3o
Hates: Dark forest Fighting creepy cats
Best friends: VivrantPelt( Very light Ginger she cat with green stripes) GoldenSmile (Golden she cat with very big smile and green eyes) OwlSong (brown she cat with white face and dark brown speckles)
Great enemies: DaggerFang (Red tom with Golden splotchs and has sharp fangs) BearEyes (Large brown she cat with yellow eyes) StripeClaw (Striped golden tom)
personality: Nice and generous
Favorite prey: Mouse
Moons: 28 moons
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